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Searching for that extra-special venue for your wedding or next event?
You’ll find it at The Gardens Yalding

Nestled between Maidstone and Royal Tunbridge Wells, The Gardens Yalding is a venue fit for any occasion. Its 12 acres of beautiful Kent countryside are home to a barn, a stunning gazebo and tipi tents, making The Gardens Yalding a truly unique setting for your wedding, corporate event or party.

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The Gazebo

Surrounded by nature with stunning views at every turn, that is what our delightful Gazebo offers for your outside ceremony. Set within the centre of our magnificent gardens it truly is an iconic location for you to create the wedding of your dreams. There is space alongside for up to 140 guests where there are no bad seats!

After the ceremony, you and your guests can enjoy a romantic stroll around the 12 acre gardens and your photographer will love the exquisite backdrops capturing every moment so that you can cherish your day forever.

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The Tipis

Our quirky tipis certainly add the wow factor to any celebration. If you are looking for something to make your wedding stand out from the crowd then this is the venue for you. Connected to our barn are two interlocking tipis. Romantic fairy lights cascade from the stunning wooden beams whilst the fire pits exude subtle light and warmth creating a serene ambience.

The sides of the tipis can be lifted, revealing impressive views of the gardens and creating an extended magical space. The tipis can accommodate up to 140 people for a sit down wedding breakfast and 240 people for an evening buffet.

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The Barn

The ultimate blank canvas for you to create your dream wedding celebration. Our contemporary barn has been lovingly restored and provides a versatile space for wedding celebrations large and small.

During the winter or for those days when the weather is less kind, The Barn offers a stunning location for your civil ceremony. The fully glazed frontage provides views across the gardens bringing The Barn to life. Perfect for reception drinks, evening music and dancing too. It’s a wonderful space for an unforgettable party. Suitable for 140 day guests and 240 evening guests.

If you are looking for a more intimate occasion then “The Croft” on the upper level of The Barn is the perfect ceremony location. Suitable for 80 guests.

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The Bridal Dressing Room

Here at the Gardens we are pleased to offer you, within your package, exclusive use of our bridal dressing room. The room is located on the upper level of the barn and is available from 9am on the day of your wedding right through until midnight.

It is a place where you can escape from the whirlwind of wedding preparation and concentrate on you and your bridal party, maybe even enjoy a few bubbles. It’s a tranquil retreat where you can make your final preparations, be pampered and relax ahead of those all-important vows.

A great opportunity for those pre-wedding photographs too. It’s your space to enjoy.

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From corporate days to private events, The Gardens is a venue that can cater for any occasion

Private and Corporate Events Venue in Kent

The Gardens is available for hire as a venue for all types of celebrations from milestone birthdays to special anniversaries, fundraising balls, christening parties, in fact every event.

The barn, tipi’s and extensive gardens are also available for corporate hire. The Gardens have the space and flexibility to accommodate a wide range of events including company away days, team building, conferences, meetings and corporate entertaining. Our outstanding, experienced catering and bar team are available to cater for any occasion.

To discuss your requirements and arrange a no obligation visit, please contact a member of our team on 01622 814650 or click here to contact us by email.

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The Gardens through time

The Gardens were originally created as a display garden for the Henry Doubleday Research Association, (now called Garden Organic). The 12.5-acre site was gifted, along with a sum of money from local organic farmers Donald and Pixie Cooper. The gardens opened to the public in 1995 and were once described as “among the most inspirational garden acres anywhere, for everyone” before finally closing in 2011.

Despite the efforts of volunteers, the gardens had fallen into disrepair and large areas were significantly overgrown. The new owners, bought the site in 2013 and have made a significant investment to restore and replant the gardens, following the original planting guidelines and with one of the original gardeners on hand to give advice to the team.

The production areas of The Gardens help provide fresh produce for the catering team, as well as a stunning and ever changing backdrop for wedding photographs.

The Gardens are divided into 16 areas which demonstrate planting styles through different ages including a medieval garden, Tudor garden, 19th century cottage garden, Victorian Garden and an Edwardian garden originally inspired by the style of Gertrude Jekyll.

There is also an area of orchards and a large fruit garden planted with a number of varieties including apples, pears, cherries, nectarines, tayberries, blackberries, raspberries and kiwi, demonstrating Kent’s long heritage as the garden of England.